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Triple Integral Farm About Us

        Triple Integral Farm is a loosely joined conglomeration of horses, rabbits and dogs. The name and the symbol are a testament to our love of math and the fact we are a family of nerds. We are under almost constant integration attempts. Located in the beautiful heart of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, Eagle is close to metropolitan Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin. We are 90 miles North of Chicago.        

Around the Barn

Kettle Moraine Forest

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        Our barn houses an indoor arena which is used, depending on our moods, as a riding ring for the horses, an agility course for the dogs, or just a really big run for the bunnies to get out and play in a protected environment. Farmers have a saying that barns are never done ~ but always a work in progress. This holds true for us as well. If it isn't adding heat or phone lines, it is bending conduit for more electrical runs or the like.    

        Celia is our resident photographer. Many of the pictures on this site have been captured through her eyes. Studying Electrical Engineering now at the University of Wisconsin, honing her camera skills is a welcome artistic expression.   


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