Our canines


        Fire is a rescue dog from the Waukesha Humane Society. He appears to be a full blooded Pomeranian. His previous owners gave him up because he was "attacking their Doberman." We were lucky to have found such a faithful friend. Booce ~ as we like to call him, is always at the forefront of all farm comings and goings.  Nothing gets by his protective care. He is 9 pounds of fur and fun. And he is so adorable! 

        Trigger is a purebred blue and white Border Collie that came into our home when he was just 7 weeks old. His registered name is Czechmate Smoking Gun. He is from a litter of puppies by breeder Lisa Pruka at Czechmate Kennel. Celia and Trigger have been competing at American Kennel Club agility trials since Trigger was old enough to enter events. So far he has received his Novice Standard, Open Standard, Novice Jumpers, and Open Jumpers titles. Earlier, Trigger also competed in the Walworth County 4-H Dog project with Celia in Agility, Obedience, and Showmanship. Trigger won Reserve Champion at the 4-H agility trial in 2005 when he was only 9 months old, and received Grand Champion in 2006. When not competing in various agility events in the Midwest, Celia enjoys taking Trigger on hikes though the forest and especially swimming in the local lakes. Trigger enjoys water, whether that means swimming, attacking the sprinkler, or barking at and herding rain. He has his obsessions. Although Trigger can be crazy at times, many people have said he is the calmest border collie they have met. Trigger's one bad habit is chasing down rodents in the barn and yard. He is very cunning and will literally lie in wait for them for hours on end.          




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        We have a full set of agility equipment that is set up in various configurations and patterns. While several pieces have been purchased from professional suppliers, Celia has picked up on some carpentry skills along the way as well.   

        The Walworth County 4-H Dog Project is a wonderfully involved, hands on, community of 4-H children and 4-H leaders headquartered in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. In addition to Dog Agility, Showmanship and Obedience are also practiced. Using the Walworth County Fairgrounds as its training venue, the Walworth County 4-H Dog Project members meet once a week all summer, from the beginning of June until  the start of the fair which is always over Labor Day. This is a fantastic group of dedicated leaders and kids. 

        Another very important member of the Triple Integral Canines is our founding agility hound, Bruckner. Out of a Bassett Hound mother by a Rottweiler father, Bruckner was the most loving of friends and always a "Good Dog". He was given as a puppy Christmas present after finding an add in a local paper for unwanted puppies. Celia's interest in agility was honed with her trusty "Jacked~Up Bassett". Celia and Bruckner placed either Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion for 4 years in a row, all the years they competed in agility.  After a short illness Bruckner passed on into his reward in December, 2005. He was 9 years old.  

        Please visit your local shelters to find your best friends.  


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